Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Need of Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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By introducing scholarships for Pakistani students, a few dedicated charity workers are striving to support quality education for all. Reportedly, with the literacy of 60%, millions of Pakistani children are out of school despite having the potential and ability to achieve what we have never achieved before.    
Following are a few points that might help improve the educational scenarios if put into greater consideration.

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Impact of Education on our Lives

Our children are the future leaders if educated and raised well. Attaining basic education is the right of every child, we must understand that not providing proper education is alarming for the future of the country. Keeping in mind the low literacy rates of Pakistan, we are responsible for stepping forward and help our next generation overcome the educational barriers being faced by the underprivileged community.
A large number of nonprofit organizations in Pakistan are currently working actively regarding free education for the underprivileged community. This will definitely improve the living standards of every single child.

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Identification of the Deprived Segments

Pakistan, being an underdeveloped country, we could see that FATA, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan are currently the most affected areas educationally with the literacy rate below 44%. Many international NGOs in Pakistan are trying their level best to provide widespread access to free education by providing financial aid and building small scale schools in various localities across Pakistan.

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Scholarships For Pakistani Students Funded by Non-Profit Organizations

If a large number of charity organizations join hands to work for the cause of improving the standards of education, there are good chances for the underprivileged communities to thrive and achieve newer heights. More educated children mean more bread earners, which will lead us to boost our socioeconomic status. Such initiatives will not only improve the living standards, but also improve the aggregate GDP of the country as well.

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What Are the Long-term Benefits of Free Education?

Two things never go wasted, education and hard-work. Similar is the case with providing scholarships for Pakistani students. A large number of families are deprived of even the basic necessities of life such as food, water and shelter. Free education will allow our young learners with better job opportunities and a healthy lifestyle hence changing the face of Pakistan for good.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Most Actively Running Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Women Rights

There are many welfare organizations in Pakistan, but only a few are delivering the best results. Helping the suppressed and vulnerable women for the past 30 years. Aurat Foundation is a name that has been trusted by millions of women since 1986. The Aurat Foundation has been creating awareness regarding gender equality and all sorts of women rights through their widespread network of over 30 field offices and 5 regional offices. The foundation has its headquarters in multiple cities across Pakistan including, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit and Karachi.

Women empowerment has always been the agenda of this foundation making lives easier by providing financial aid and other life changing opportunities to the helpless women. Many women have been able to acquire proper knowledge, medical facilities and access to resources, thanks to Aurat Foundation for creating widespread awareness and commitment for a just, democratic and caring society in Pakistan.

One of The Largest Ambulance Networks   

Idhi Sahab with little childs

Widely recognized across the world, the Edhi Foundation is one of the best non-profit organizations in Pakistan. Ever since its inception in 1951, the foundation has been reaching newer heights every day. Ranging from having the best ambulance service, Edhi Foundation is the only Pakistani charity organization to have its branches in UK, US, Japan, Bangladesh and Canada as well.

Edhi Foundation is also among the few NGOs to be providing land, marine and air ambulance service during natural disasters and various other calamities. The founder of this foundation may have departed but his vision and message to serve the ailing humanity will remain alive among the less fortunate pupils of Pakistan. 

Chhipa Welfare Organization in Pakistan Running Actively to Date

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1987 was the year when Mr. Ramzan Chhipa founded the Chhipa Foundation and has been serving the humanity by providing free food to over 30,000 poor people on a daily basis via the “Chhipa Dastarkhawan”. Besides from that, the foundation is also known for having a huge fleet of ambulance and its “Cheepa Paalna”, a service for the unwanted newly born children. In situations of disaster management, terrorist attacks, bomb blasts and natural calamities, the Chippa foundation has saved a million lives and still counting.

The primary objective of this foundation is to serve the humanity in as many ways as possible. Whether it comes to providing healthcare facilities or shelter homes, Chhipa Foundation is known for having a huge network of high-tech ambulances and highly trained and supportive staff members.   

Free Dialysis Treatment for The Ailing Humanity

BSF providing free treatment facility

Established in 2005, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) is a registered welfare organization in Pakistan based in Lahore, Pakistan. BSF provides the educational support programs by granting scholarships to the vulnerable students and standard healthcare solutions to the most in need community members. In 2014 BSF successfully established its charity hospital to serve the ailing humanity. The hospital is effectively treating upto 12,000 patients on a monthly basis by providing free of cost dialysis treatments in the Punjab’s largest dialysis centre and optical surgeries at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital. Besides from the healthcare projects, the family-run charity has also provided more than 100 free scholarships to the less fortunate children and facilities such as free generators and various other in-house amenities to various small scale academic institutes across Pakistan.