Thursday, 16 February 2017

Welfare Organizations in Pakistan Providing Life Changing Opportunities to The Less Fortunate

Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Welfare organizations in Pakistan have become very active in the past years providing life-changing opportunities to a large number of less fortunate people. Lack of education, healthcare and financial aid has made it difficult for many low-class families to survive. In order to help the most in need, a large number of NGOs have taken charge.  

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Why Is Education the Primary Focus of Everyone 

Unfortunately, more than 30% of the Pakistanis still cannot read and write. That is the reason why NGOs are working hard to provide a large number of free scholarships in Pakistani students. According to many social workers, education is the key to a healthy and prosperous nation. It diminishes negativity refining the mindset of every individual Pakistani.

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Are Pakistani NGOs also Facilitating Internationally?

A few well-established charitable organizations such as Al-Khidmat, Chhipa and Billqees Sarwar Foundation are not only facilitating the Pakistani underprivileged community, but also helping the less fortunate through disaster management and refugee camps in other countries. After successfully inaugurating the free eye and kidney care hospital, BSF is also helping the less fortunate in countries such as Vietnam and Lebanon. 

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The Role of International Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

There are a few international NGOs in Pakistan are working actively to cater a few areas. They have no doubt been a life support for a large number of underprivileged people by providing aid, healthcare and educational opportunities. Some of the best examples are WWF, USAID and Seed Foundation.

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National or International NGOs?

To be honest, both national, as well as international welfare organizations in Pakistan, are doing a wonderful job in respects to serving the underprivileged community. Some of the NGOs specialize in working for healthcare and some specialize in providing free education. On the whole, all NGOs in Pakistan are playing their part to serve the ailing humanity.             

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Charitable Organizations, the Only Ray of Hope for Vulnerable Pakistanis

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Unfortunately, a large number of charitable organizations are working as an experience for millions of less fortunate people across Pakistan. Technically, the government officials are responsible for providing shelter homes, food, education and even free scholarships if necessary. If we look at this matter from a broader spectrum, we would see that things have definitely changed, but on a very small scale. That is the reason why various NGOs are running actively across Pakistan.  

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Why Has It become Necessary for NGOs To Intervene?

Almost 35% of the people across Pakistan are striving to make a living for their children. Due to poverty, lack of education and skyrocketing unemployment ratio, a large number of families are under mental and financial crisis. In order to make a difference, many national and international NGOs in Pakistan are currently trying their level best to fix what the ruling authorities have failed to deliver. 

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Is the Government Playing Its Part Effectively?

Ignoring a few downsides and mishaps, the government has made a few amendments into its annual quota system in regards to education and healthcare, but the sustainability of any development program is the real challenge.  On the other hand, most of the non-profit organizations are responding appropriately to the local community. 

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Are Charitable Organizations the Only Way to Get You Out of Societal Slum

The government, as well as various NGOs in Pakistan, need to be on the same page and work together to facilitate the less fortunate. Most of the less fortunate families usually end up catching diseases due to lack of awareness with little or no financial support. NGOs are already working tirelessly to help the most in need. The least that the government can do is provide charity workers with exposure to help them reach a larger number of people.


What Could Be the Long-Term Effects of This?

There is no definite figure to state that how long will it take to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged but a large number of charitable organizations are currently running actively to provide the underprivileged community with the right kind of facilities around the clock.